Friday, October 15, 2010

Our pioneer ancestors would have never even imagined that a person could begin one morning in Las Vegas, Nevada and see a brilliant red dawn over Europe the next…but that’s exactly what has happened to me with a lot of wonderful experiences in between. The trip across the US was highlighted by our close proximiety to Dan at our International flight site of Newark, N.J.

We flew over “the pond” in darkness, crossed Ireland as the sky began to lighten, the Channel in time to see the first lights of Paris come on and as thesunrise turned the sky to crimson, the Alps loomed on the horizon and we drifted through a cloud bank into Geneva.

Of course—food: what would you have for lunch in Switzerland if not Fondue??? We ate in a lovely spot in Oldtown, the ancient walled section of the city. Geneva sprang to life some 500 years before America was even discovered. The center of that section is a massive cathedral, and right next to it is the auditorium where John Calvin delivered his proclamations as part of the Reformation.The streets are winding and cobblestone, picture postcard stuff. Next up: a boat tour of the lake and its lovely scenery and lakeside estates. Not quite Hidden Lake standards—think Sound of Music.

And to think I worried about this trip: would I be able to get Cocoa Puffs here? Will they let me drink Diet Coke with my breakfast croissant? Can I find out if Bristol Palin lumbered to the next round of Dancing With the Stars??Forget all that—I’m loving it!!!! Mom/Barb/G/GG


  1. I'm so glad you are loving every minute! Enjoy it all and eat a ton for me!
    Love you!

  2. I was glad to read that fondue is indeed a Swiss delicacy as my niece, who served a mission there, was instructing me that German restaurants should not have fondue (as you know that Rheinlander offers) because fondue is from Switzerland!